eNewsletter July 2015


To all of our valued clients.

The 2014-15 financial year was a big one in our practice.  Most of the revenue of the practice was returned directly back into the service we provide and to the clients we serve.

Fit out during this year equalled our initial investment when establishing the practice.  Our objective has been to expand and improve services to our clients.

Here are some examples.

Convenient one day all ceramic crowns using Plan-Cad.

Plan-Cad cosmetic ceramic veneers for front teeth 0.4 mm thick! 30um accuracy!

Plan-Cad permanent metal free ceramic bridges to replace missing front teeth – final product provided in days, not weeks.

Virtual (computer aided) implant assessment and planning.

3-D computer guided implant surgery.

Implant restoration

The most modern TGA approved materials including Empress ©, Emax ©, Lava Ultimate ©, Zirconia.  Only Nobel Biocare brand implants are used.

Dental on Metro also have a close relationship with orthodontists providing invisalign treatment.

If you think you still have treatment outsanding or have missed a checkup, please contact us or make an appointment for a friend or family member by filling in a new client form                            

Dr Peter Bertossa & the Team at Dental on Metro


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I have been attending this surgery since it first opened, and have been very pleased with the extensive work I have had done on my teeth. The staff are always very friendly and provide care and quality of work - Beth.

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