eNewsletter September 2015


Hoping this months e-Newsletter is finding you all well, thank goodness this winter is over.  The picture above shows how I dealt with the cold - by heading north!

I am back to work on my usual hours this week. 

I usually remind folks at this time of the year that around now is a good time to use your dental extras cover annual claiming entitlement.  For all health insurances this entitlement does not 'roll over' into the subsequent calendar year.  All but a few health insurances entitlements (including BUPA) are based on a Calendar year (Jan 1 - Dec 31) with the remaining few based on the financial year (Jul 1 - Jun 30).

This is to say that if you have been told you need a crown or would like to replace a tooth with a bridge or implant, you may as well use this years entitlement so that you get a new entitlement on Jan 1 to use for 2016.

If you have any queries about any your outstanding treatment requirements, would like an itemised quote or wish to make an appointment please feel free to contact us or submit an enquiry

Dr Peter Bertossa & the Team at Dental on Metro


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I have been attending this surgery since it first opened, and have been very pleased with the extensive work I have had done on my teeth. The staff are always very friendly and provide care and quality of work - Beth.

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